Open Source

University of Colorado CSCI-4448, Object-Oriented Programming and Design

Lecture Notes (PDF files), now with Java5, EJB3, and UML2.

Here's a cool Java applet example: Create your own FRACTAL ART.

Mica Graphics

A complete open-source Widget and 2D graphics toolkit written in Java and first released in 1998. Think of Swing, add 2D CAD graphics, and add sophisticated network layouts and zoomable views... on steroids. Also on GitHub.

Editor Object

An object-oriented graphics library in C++ that supports the easy creation of 2D vector graphics editors, Documentation(1381K). Download(431K).

Portable Graphics Library

The Portable Graphics Library, written in C, that supports hierarchical display lists, a window manager, and very fast graphics on the X Window System, Sun Microsystems's SunView and many PC DOS video modes, Documentation(1349K).

Print Utility

A utility that can be used to snapshot areas of a X Windows screen, view, modify and arrange the resultant images in a preview window, and then print the images in PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript or HP PCL formats. Documentation.


The Visual Application Development Environment - a combination of the Editor Object and an early version of Cadabra. VisualADE generates complete working GUIs from textual description files. Written in C++. Examples. Documentation(806K).


A Custom Framework For The Idiosyncratic User In All Of Us. (Java) Description.


A Java(tm) Runtime-configurable, Declarative Aristotelian Application Framework. Description.


A visual language (interactive graphical environment) for the assignment of time-dependent operators to general and/or graphical data. Written in C++. Screenshot.


A Java(tm) Command-line Debugger with an interface very similar to the Unix(tm) dbx [the best debugger, ever]. This really needs to be ported to JDK 1.2 in order to actually work. Documentation(32K). Download(252K).


Conference Reports

  • CHI 92 (ACM Conference on Computer-Human Interfaces) Monterey: Trip report.
  • CHI 95 (ACM Conference on Computer-Human Interfaces) Denver: Trip report.
  • SIGGRAPH 96 (ACM Special Interest Group on Graphics) New Orleans: Trip Report.
  • SIGGRAPH 98 (ACM Special Interest Group on Graphics) Orlando: Trip Report.