Sprint Programming (cheaper, faster, better)

The most efficient way to get to your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Got funding but no staff?

Need a large module or perhaps your entire online application written? Maybe even from scratch?

  • Worried about being able to hire good people in time?
  • Worried about whether they would really get it done on time? Done before the funding runs out?
  • Worried about whether the thing they build will please you, your investors, and your customers?

Perhaps we can help.

We are long term entrepreneurs ourselves and deeply understand the dynamic tensions and pressures of getting something out there that will start gaining traction immediately while at the same time there is the opposite pressure for it to be perfect so it accurately represents your vision.

We LOVE helping people walk this knife edge.

Cheaper. Faster. Better.

There are just two of us during the sprint.

  • One continually gathering requirements [which in real life change from moment to moment].
  • One generating and refining prototypes extremely quickly [a very experienced engineer doing the bare minimum that is needed for the prototype].

Then the stakeholders, you, evaluate the prototype and modify the requirements, as needed, in response to the insight (potentially prospective) customer feedback from the real world working prototype provides about the details of your business goals and target market. The idea is for this Lean Startup process to rapidly converge on the perfect MVP (minimum viable product) that can be taken live and start gaining traction.

Hardening. Hand-off. Marathon programming.

Somewhere around launch we convert the prototype into an solid application for the long term using best practices [TDD, continuous integration, etc.], and assist with the hiring of, and transferring the technology to, long-term agile staff.

We offer a 6-month warranty at reduced rates and are, of course, also available for post-launch addition of major features.

About us.

We are flexible but rigorous and predictable. We can sometimes offer fixed price bids in addition to time and materials billing.

We generally specialize in scientific applications and consumer-facing applications. We prefer to use the right tool for the job, and typically use some combination of Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.js, and Python - but we are open to using assembly language and C and other tools as well. It just depends.

We deeply understand our expertise and skill set, and we will not be a great match for every project. Perhaps not even most. But if we sign on to the job, you will not be disappointed.

We have used this approach many times and to great success over many years.

Off-site / Remote (no seats required). Corp-to-corp.