Meet Our Team

Cornelia Davis

President, Founder

From her first job at Science Applications doing classified work for our country, Cornelia has brought a sense of deep conscientiousness and duty to every project she is associated with. After several years programming using languages from 68000 Assembly to C++, she conquered project management and object-oriented business modeling. As co-founder, CFO and COO of Software Federation, she is the majority owner and lynch pin of all that makes Software Federation one of the most responsive and caring consultancies in the U.S. (Full Resume) (PDF)

David Leberknight

Principal, Founder

David began his career out of Cornell (Electrical Engineering). After several years providing domain knowledge and software skills to various successful ECAD startups, he went back for a stint at Carnegie Mellon (CMU). His deep interest in all things object-oriented in the 1980s served him and many students well, as he developed a course for the University of Colorado. David is consultant extraordinaire and has lent invaluable assistance to organizations from scientific government agencies to off-shore startups. He is also an avid traveler and expert footbagger. (Full Resume)

Michael Davis

Principal, Founder

Michael began programming at the early age of 14. Never getting over this initial crush, he has been found using everything from a TI 99/4A to an IBM 360/370 to a Sun 3/60 to a DELL and now, AWS. His interests have taken him from the front-end, crafting several open-source libraries including the Portable Graphics Layer, Editor Object and Mica Graphics Framework to releasing several frameworks for declarative application generation. He was one of the first people to start using Java, and because the Mica framework provided Swing-like functionality before Swing was a glimmer in Sun's eye, several of our clients were able to boast about full-featured Java applications before anyone else in the World. Mike is now developing people-focused web applications in Ruby on Rails and Javascript, going back to his roots when he was developing terminate-and-stay resident tools for people to use on PCDOS 2.0. (Full Resume)