Meet Our Clients

These are some of our clients.

Many clients want us to stick around for years at a time, and most convince us to come back for return engagements.

Sandia National

Architected and built a large and extremely functional Java thick client application called ChilECAD. This is a full-featured commercial-quality schematic capture ECAD design tool.


Object oriented analysis to support knowledge management. Business process engineering and object oriented modeling to support corporate document services strategy and architecture.


Many projects including serving as the Software Development Engineering Lead for the Four Dimensional Weather Engineering Group. Recipient of NCAR / UCAR's "Outstanding Accomplishment Award" for Scientific & Technical Advancement.

Innovative Research

Provided soup-to-nuts application co-design and implementation for several projects dealing with distrbuted network simulation and capacity planning in association with SBIR, the Universirty of Colorado, the Army and the Navy.


Introduced VMware virtualization technology to Xilinx's Computer Farm Services group.

Archstone Communities

Requirements analysis, scope definition, collaborative user interface design, change management, deployment planning, project management consulting. Created client specific, scalable software development methodology based on project-appropriate usage of directed template documents that individually address elements of the software development lifecycle.

Level 3

Developed a “universal inventory database”.

Interactive Gaming & Wagering

Strategic planning, management consulting, analysis and business engineering focused on front-to-back integration of operations and product development. Designed & implemented Java applets (as well as the corresponding server-side infrastructure) that play casino games for real money.


Development of the middle tier for a 3-tier call center application.


Redesigned & implemented the manual router for Lucent's Field Programmable Gate Array CAD editor.

Unicom Communications

Produced new version of an interactive layout and management tool for advertising copy and support materials. Developed two applets in Java 1.0.2 used by AT&T for their 1999 online sweepstakes giveaway.

The average engagement length is about 18 months.