Cornelia Stinchcomb Davis

Software Federation Inc.

PO Box 19950

Boulder, CO 80308



President, Software Federation Inc. , 7/96 - present

Software Federation provides consulting and outsourcing services for custom application development. We are specialists in innovative user interfaces using direct manipulation graphics, software architecture, and the development of knowledge based systems. My responsibilities include business development, proposal preparation, technical consulting and project management.

Consultant, for contract house, 1/91 - 6/96

My responsibilities included software analysis and design, programming, and project management. Work was primarily performed from my home office supplemented by appropriate visits to the customer site. Teams sometimes included other contract house personnel or client staff. Frame, Sun SPARC (SunOS/Solaris), X/Xt/Motif, OpenLook, C/C++, Select OMT, UIM/X, VisualADE, TeleUSE, DevGuide, Galaxy, Ingres, Sybase.

CFO and VP Operations, Software Farm Inc. , 10/90 - present

Software Farm builds high level direct manipulation graphics tools and application development environments. Responsibilities include business development, administration and technical consulting. See  Software Farm also owns Audio Federation, a high end home audio dealer, distributor and publisher.

Senior Software Engineer, WaveFrame Corporation, 4/90 - 10/90

WaveFrame built digital audio workstations targeted at musicians and the video post-production market. Enhanced file system and SCSI interface to support removable media and magneto-optical disks. Intel/DOS/Windows 3, C.

Project Leader, Cadnetix Corporation, 1/85 - 3/90

Cadnetix built electronic design automation (EDA) workstations and tools with direct manipulation interfaces. Sun (Motorola and SPARC) (SunOS), BSD Unix 4.2, 4.3, DOS, C/C++, SPARC, AMD 2900, Motorola 680x0 and Intel 80860 assembler, X/Xt/OpenLook, SunView.

Programmer, Rand McNally - Infomap, 9/84 - 1/85

Infomap built tools for thematic mapping, published maps and generated custom thematic maps for clients. Designed and implemented a raster scan conversion algorithm used to manage islands in non-convex polygon aggregation. Built an interface to map generation tools for marketing and sales staff. FORTRAN.

Operations Research Analyst, Science Applications International Corporation, 5/82 - 8/84

SAIC develops products and performs services for a variety of clients in government and industry. Researched and coded agglomerative clustering routines. Enhanced custom RDBMS and interactive statistics package. Wrote functional specification for human interface and data management for a transportation modeling system. FORTRAN.


B.A., Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; December 1981.

Short courses:

Conferences: SIGGRAPH `90, `91, `96, '98,  SIGCHI `92, `95, OOPSLA `94, Visual Languages `96, HCI International `97, JavaOne '99.

Professional societies: ACM,  Member of the IEEE and IEEE-CS.

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