Website Configured to Support Multiple Interactive Trains of Thought
November 22, 2005

The standard Wordpress blogging software will be used to provide a number of interactive perspectives on rich GUIs

  Architectures that can support rich GUIs
  Designs for different styles of GUIs
  The art of programming
  Book and publication reviews for books that have something to say relevant to the subject at hand
  Perspectives on the industry hyperbole de jour
Is There Anything on the Other Side of Cookie-Cutter GUIs?
November 22, 2005

It has gone beyond the common whining about the longevity of the WIMP GUI. We now see applications everywhere that mimic each other's click-centric, fashionably ugly designs.

Also speculatory explorations on subjects like:

  Just what is an application with a rich GUI?
  Has a application with a rich GUI been written yet?
  Is there a place for rich GUI's in the business world?




Last reviewed

Book Reviews

November 22, 2005

Here, in varying levels of detail, books and publications that help advance the state-of-the-art of The Rich GUI are distilled into their essential goodness.


Wild and Crazy GUIs - Designs and Ideas
November 22, 2005

Over time a list of detailed designs of various non-standard rich and thick GUIs will be presented.

It doesn't have to be thick, but it must be rich!


The Art of Coding
November 22, 2005

The metaphysics of coding, the process of development not the development of process, the direct mapping of ideas into binary reality... nothing less than the evolution of a species as it creates a reality, then tries to manipulate and control it.


Website Debut - Dedicated to Thick, Rich Experience-Centered Applications
September 22, 2005

Hey! you may ask, is this really a software website dedicated to something besides the server-side framework de jour, or the latest skinny-client puffer-upper, or yet another xml web-protocol?


Not even Yet Another HTML-helper technology?


Thick, rich clients turn the world upside down. Instead of portals that distill company information into a homogenized formulation for the general public - these user-centered architectures distill the information from the entire network into a formulation specifically tailored to a specific user or user-class.

These clients are smart, interactive, enjoyable, and use numerous network services, spread across several portals, to succinctly present information to the user how and when they want it.

With the TRC approach, the server provides data in response to the client. The client is responsible for responding to the user's actions. This approach is able to take full-advantage of the nascent web services model of the web.


This site will focus mostly on the Java Desktop, as that is where most of the unconstrained innovation is these days.

The thick client world has been severely neglected for 10 years or so - who knows when The Mighty Pendulum will swing (no pun intended) back towards the client. The 60s and 70s were dominated by the server-side, the 80s and first half of the 90s by the client-side. There is not enough data to calculate the period of the swing, if there is even a predictable periodicity to the thing.

But as we work towards converting the browser into an operating system, one can wonder if we are lost and need to rethink some of this - and perhaps think about Webstart and a client-side with thick web-rich, GUI-rich application architectures.




XML Languages for Creating Data-driven Thick, Rich User Interfaces - Can they help?
September 22, 2005  

These languages help simplify the creation of a rich GUI - starting at the GUI and sometimes able to specify basic event handling and data-binding constraints



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