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Retweet buttons

We added a ReTweet button for the stories on Mattters recently and investigated several of the more popular approaches.
We had several requirements, many of which are not common:
* We needed 40, 50 or more buttons on a page.
* We needed each button to retweet a story whose url and title was not the url […]

WinFX: Beta

I liked this book.

You can tell this book was rushed to press, so there was not the ‘fluff and padding’ that so many books have these days in order to beef up their page counts and bookstore shelf widths. Just crisp, […]

Review - Software Factories

Software Factories
The nugget here, in amongst fairly good yet lengthy descriptions of what a framework is (I spent my time in chapters 4 “Paradigm Shift”, 5 “Software Factories” and 17 “Frequently Asked Questions”), is that what might be called Domain Specific Frameworks (DSF) - which is a Framework targeted at supporting a particular kind of […]


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