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Search Engines… Do they work?

Some of them do.
Well, one anyway.
Weirdnesses abound.
Cuil was downloading our robots.txt about 1000 times for every actual page they downloaded. Due diligence is great, and, yes, you never know when we might change the robots.txt file and block search engines from something, …but… Well, we hardly see Twiceler at all anymore - but […]

Alexa Problems

These problems seem to have been universal - though I have found nothing written up about them. Hmmm….
It all started about 2 weeks ago when the Alexa dailies started swinging wildly in the middle of the week for many of our comparable websites [not really our competitors, just those we keep an eye on], […]

Alexa, Compete, Quantcast - Idiosyncrasies Oh My

This post was is large part prompted by Alexa making a change that made the Mattters chart dip a bit - but I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time - as sort of a personal (public) cheat sheet. The change Alexa made, BTW, was to drop Hong Kong (perhaps to fold it […]

NGINX Configuration Files and ReWrites

Some of this post will just be random notes, some will be more descriptive of just what madness occurs inside one of these files. For version 0.7.63.
ancient_browser “msie 6.0″;
Whether quotes, like on the nginx site, capitalized or not, or unquoted as it is here:
(linked to from the main site), the instruction: if ($ancient_browser) is […]

Nginx Configuration Files

Oh boy.
Finally figured out that the issue here is that there is no abstraction of the concept of ‘variable’ to include both variables and aliases. So everything depends on context and which command is being used - which creates redundant functionality and unpredictability.
Same for location etc.
This lack of ability to use and apply […]

A Tweet classification scheme

When writing software to look at the content of posts on the internet, on blogs and on Twitter, one can just use keyword and keyword context metrics, or one can be a little smarter.
Using somewhat heuristically based algorithms, one can classify blog posts and tweets, and in particular, tweeps, into several common categories for the […]

The ontology of the software universe

Organizing the discussions in the online software universe into some kind of hierarchy is a difficult and yet well-understood and frequently under-taken task.
Typically, most sites default to a relatively flat hierarchy of programming languages. You know Java, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, Flash etc.
For example dzone and stackoverflow are mostly like this.
Another hardly ever used classification scheme […]

Website Traffic Analytics and the Stock Market

Being one of the few to get caught up in the late 90’s stock market bubble (ha ha ha … Not) I learned a lot about reading stock charts.
Understanding charts helps you to make better trades - whether you are day trading, long term stock trading, long term investing, or buying on home.
At […]

To support smart phones or not to…

As many have notes, first it was Microsoft IE that was a obstacle in the write once, run everywhere dream of every hard working programmer programming their heart out.
And we thought THAT was bad. Ha!
Now we have Apple, with its (yes, it is theirs, who else would want it?) horrifically antique Objective-C giving us […]

iPad development anxiety

We want to but we don’t want to.
It’d be fun. But 1.0 of Apple products look so anemic in the rear-view mirror.
But, waiting for 2.0 (3.0?) takes so much patience. *Argh!*
Reading all about the iPad on theiPad News channel.
The iPad is underrated. The iPad is overrated.
It is probably both - like most things. […]


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