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Our blog has a new look-and-feel!

Along with merging GUI.NET with Software Federation, it was time for a new theme that wasn’t so, how shall we put it, well, it was more of an anti-theme than anything. It’s sole goal was to use as much of the screen real-estate for content as possible.
This new theme was chosen to both match Software […]

Getting rid of control-M ^M in files checked into Subversion from Windows and checked out on Linux, Solaris, Unix, Ubuntu, Whateverrrr

Ruby doesn’t like files with ^M at the end of each line. Go figure.
Here is what I did. Hopefully it’ll work for you too.
In my Subversion installation directory, ON MY WINDOWS BOX (don’t you go wasting several hours on this, too, I wasted enough for the whole kit-and-kaboodle of us on this one) I […]

Gotchyas along the road to Ruby application deployment success on Joyent

Hopefully this will be most of the difficult issues we run into, as we have several ‘S’ and ‘M’ accounts over at Joyent, and we are supposed to learn from our experiences and mistakes, right? I mean, most other mammals can do this, right, so why not coders, I ask you.
First off, the Joyent wiki […]

Ruby on Rails - ARMailer - and View Templates

While working on Zategories.com it was ‘discovered’ that…
…the default ARmailer template feature doesn’t work the way it is documented.
At least if you want to use the features where you just have to put the email templates in a directory and the mailer generates and sends a multi-part email for ya.
Because this:
ActionMailer::Base.template_root = “mailer/templates”
does not work. […]

Interfacing to Google Checkout - Java 1.4, Linux (CentOS) - using the XML, Level 2, Alternative Method (programmatic) API - Part 1

I am posting this thread because I found it difficult to find some of this information┬ and so thought it might eventually be useful to someone else in the Google Checkout┬ trenches.┬
┬ The main link for information is: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/
at that link the main page is: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/developer/index.html
One of the first things […]

Why RPM sucks

This is obvious.
Anyone who uses it has run into the X.rpm has 226 dependencies, of which your system will have 10 unresolved, of various unknown degrees of criticality. Attempting to resolve those 10 involves serveral more rpm files, that have their own 826 dependcies, of which yet more are unresolved, of course.
Not to be pointing […]

Why CSS Sucks

1. CSS has no concept of what a real layout specification is. Geometric offsets are often unnecessarily hardcoded.
When people hype CSS over the html Table, I think they do not understand the functionality that the Table brings to the table. I think they do not understand the history of hard-coded coordinates versus automatic layouts. It […]


So, the last topic begs the question….
So is everyone writing their own DIY javascript debuggers? And, with DOM/HTML, absolute positioning layout engines? And widget toolkits. And Flash-like animation tools? And syntax checkers? And println and logging tools?
Sometimes I think our industry is making leaps and bounds every month - new things better things all […]

Rolling your own

Work on the┬ Obsidian Framework is taking a back seat lately as I write a JSP (MySQL, JavaScript, Resin, CSS, etc.) web application. I am hoping that is going to be a nine-week baby…. but we’ll see.
More on the unpleasant state of some of these haphazard technologies later (I am refering[sic] to Javascript and CSS) […]

More on the Next-Gen User Interface

Well, the last post may have been opaque - and was in some sense vacuously true.
What Obsidian is, and what I think the GUI should evolve to be, is…a meta GUI.
Meta-GUI: Where the user sits down and can choose some data and choose operations to perform on that data, AND choose how they want to […]


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